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Fastest Customs Clearance, Lowest Export Cost!

Accredited top-grade certification of “Client Coordinator” by Shenzhen Customs enjoying the preferential green channel to finish customs procedures at 3 times the speed of other enterprises;
Charge the service per order (0.5% of the cargo value per order with RMB 80 at the minimum and RMB 1,000 at the maximum);
Lowest charge in China, around 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost charged by other enterprises in the industry.

On-Going Decreased Transportation Cost!

Enjoy preferential treatment as big clients on main routes.

Logistic processes in import and export trade including placing order, settlement and customs clearance are coordinated and managed by experienced professionals without any additional charge




The imports and exports in 2010 exceeded 350 million US dollars, saving an average of 10% to 30% of logistics cost. It is expected to have imports and exports of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2011 and 20 billion US dollars in 2013 with further decreased various logistics costs

Fastest Tax Reimbursement: Return Paid Tax within 3 Days!

Paid tax can be returned within 3 working days after export, with 3 to 6 months saved;

Handle export tax reimbursement for clients who used to export products through trading companies helping them to increase the profit by 10% more or less.



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Financing for Foreign Trade

  Bank of China and shanghai power jointly launch the product “Easy Financing for SME in Foreign Trade”


1.   One and only product in China jointly launched by financial institution and import and export BPO service provider.
2.   One and only product in China with on-line operation and geared to the needs of export-oriented enterprises.
3.   One and only product in China really realizing mortgage-free and guarantee-free financing
4.   One and only financing product in China with no industrial restriction and no limit of minimum trading amount.


Introduction for the Product:
● Financing for Orders:
   RMB 600 thousand with RMB 2 million at the maximum per transaction, by which it is easy to have goods supplied;
● Packing Loan under L/C:
   RMB 600 thousand with RMB 2 million at the maximum per transaction, by which there is no need to worry about the L/C;
● Loan on Credit:
   RMB 1 million with RMB 3 million at the maximum per transaction, by which there is no problem in getting orders from big clients;
● Preserving Value of Foreign Exchange:
   10 thousand US dollars at the minimum and 12 months at the longest per transaction to make sure the foreign exchange won’t be
    depreciated due to the change of exchange rate.






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